Young Carers Awareness Day

Today is young carers awareness day.

I’ve been painting furniture and thinking.

From my dad’s Ulcerative Collitis to mum’s Endometriosis to my sister being born severely disabled . (Quite a few of my early memories also point to my mum being quite depressed when I was little)
I was a young carer from age 5

I’d not really considered that before today.

You just assume your family is normal don’t you?

I’m not even sure if young carers existed in the 1980’s.

The emotional support I found myself offering before I could deal with my own had a lasting effect. The mentalisation course I am currently on is part of me learning to deal with this.

Hearing another speak of her experience of being a young carer herself really got me thinking yesterday and today as young carers awareness day.

A big shout out today for #youngcarerswareness and the amazing work local support groups do,  so children do not have to face it on their own.