Who am I? Thoughts on swinging.

Who am I?

Last night I watched sex party secrets along with my husband.
We have been to a swinging party before, and been swinging together from July 2017.
As they spoke, they talked about their sex drives, I could really understand that. So much of their stories resonate with me.

They spoke of how they struggled with their sex drives;
How affairs had ruined their marriages.
How they felt they were oversexed and something was wrong with them.
How they had to hold in the sexual part of them as it was not acceptable.

In swinging they had met those who understood them and accepted the sexual part of them.
They had met friends, who could see the value of recreational sex, and wanted to share this journey with them.

Yes, like any relationships it could get messy.
The lady hosting the Ibiza party in the documentary, spoke of how her husband of eight years told her he was thinking of having an affair with a specific lady. From his honesty in their stable marriage they starting swinging. They spoke of how their openness in their marriage strengthened it,
How they loved to see their spouse pleasuring another, knowing what it felt like.

Swinging is not for the faint hearted, but for some it gives the freedom to be themselves, liberation.

I used to be active church member. It was my safe place, the place I belonged. It is not anymore. I feel that the real me does not fit there at all. The people who I fit in with now are mostly those who I have never met in real life. Those who are also on a journey to find out who they are. My twitter tribe.