This week we got a new social worker.

This week we got a new social worker.

Last week my daughter had been getting more and more stressed and upset about going to school. Last week, just before school she got really distressed and started to voice suicidal thoughts. I walked with her into school and met with the pastoral support worker in the school. The teacher seemed shocked to be honest. She thought we were doing ok now, as we had been discharged by the social worker.

She reassured my daughter and suggested a classroom assistant she could speak to. The teacher got in touch with social services and two days later the social worker got in contact with us to arrange an assessment meeting. I suppose I could have contacted social services myself but did not think to as we had been discharged. I think we may have been slowly going downhill for a while but in surviving we had not really noticed.


I was dreading the meeting with the social worker, as previous experience has been that we examine how shitty my mental health is and how is is negatively impacting on the kids. Back in September we were discharged by our social worker as they thought we were doing better. I protested loudly as the reason we were doing ok was the support we had (which then stopped. )


Talking yesterday to the social worker, I was a bit clearer what had gone on. With our social worker discharge and change in school years and change of head in one school and my eldest moving on to college,the support from schools had been stepped down. Apparently support in school should have continued!  These last few weeks have felt like trying to stay upright on the ice in the picture above.


The positive side was she acknowledged as parents we are doing all we can to support our kids and provide as “normal” a childhood as possible by getting them involved in drama group and youth club. This is why the last few months have been so frustrating. We are busting a gut to do as much as we can and only ask for a little support but have been ignored till we hit crisis again.


When I know there is support in place for the kids I feel more settled too. We break up for Christmas. I hope in January the support comes together.