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Sex shop fun and my wishlist from Novum Markt

During our time in Germany we snuck out one evening, leaving the kids with Oma and visited a massive sex shop together. What a fun evening out! We’d looked at a lot of toys online but I was keen to see and handle things to see what they are really like.

We were the only couple in there. I was overawed by the range of vibrators on offer (at least 30 different ones of all shapes and sizes) The “lifelike” dolls were hilarious! There were some beautiful glass dildos that were a work of art in their own right, lots of interesting bondage and dress up gear. The shop is massive,with a third of the floorspace just for DVDS. They also have a cinema. We were interested in the toys this time.

There was lots I saw that I liked and would love try, so I decided to write a wishlist.

Wishlist (or potential birthday list for November HINT)

Womaniser It looks like an oversized lipstick. Gorgeous green base, shiny band and red silicone “lipstick” but actually is a powerful clit stimulator. Its portable, handbag sized and definitely good looking. It is waterproof too for extra fun.

Hands and fisting, I was so suprised to see rubber full sized forearms. Looked very interesting to me as I love fisting. I have no clue how I’d use these on my own though.

Knickers, there were some gorgeous panties, bras, dresses and baby doll outfits in the shop and anyone who follows my on twitter with know I have a slight knicker addiction.

The willy on a bathplug looked a lot of fun and a very practical gift for ladies at bath time! Good clean fun.

Slime for bathtime fun.Looked like s lot of fun. Would love to try it out.

Soft tampons These are foam tampons which mean you can have sex during your period. I few days without sex would be a killer for me.

There were some fun novelty and glow in the dark condoms I’d love to have a play with.

There was a great range of lubes including a range of flavours. I love to give and receive oral sex so I think this would be a lot of fun.

The most crazy thing I saw was American giant dildo This was about two foot long and had a girth of about 9 inches. It looked like a fun challenge for me!! If you follow my twitter you may know I have a thing about weird insertions!

If anyone else would like to buy me birthday gift I will not complain!!
If these are things you would like to try check out the links below.

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  • August 28th, 2017 at 3:08 am

    Fisting? Vaginal or anal? I have to ask.

    • August 31st, 2017 at 7:27 pm

      Vaginal of course. Yet to try anal fisting.

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