Self help and recovery.

I’ve always been into self help books.

A way to change how I act think feel.

It highlights all my flaws and drives me on to change.

I am excited to change, work hard on time I get tired and can’t do it anymore.

I fail. I am cross with myself…


I’m in a church where we are called to full time Christian ministry. To make a change, to love God and love others.

To bloom wherever we are planted… With this in mind, I have a drive to achieve wherever I go.


My mind sabotages me. I can’t change myself I actually can’t change my own thinking no matter how hard I try. There is no magic formula for getting better.


Recovery is a journey. It has to be walked, there are no shortcuts or ways round. A lot of stuff has been an issue over years and needs to be worked through (yuk)


I’ve climbed Mount Snowdon  (in North Wales) a few times. I see recovery a bit like that. As points it looks like the summit is in sight but as you reach it it is obvious that there is much more to go. That I dislike. I wonder if I will ever get there.


Recovery is a journey and journeys are much easier with traveling companions. I’m lucky enough to have found a few walking the same journey and walk with them a while, be they “virtual” or real life friends.For me, my biggest problems are with relationships so in trying out relationships I can learn how to relate to others. I’m so lucky to have made some lovely friends on here and we journey day by day together.