Beauty over scars

>My illness (BPD) is very up and down. I had as few years of Therapeutic Community group therapy. After finishing this I had almost nine years of where I managed to cope with my noisy thoughts and feelings. I was mostly stable on no medication at all.

When I am unwell I manage to shut up the overwhelming, deafening thoughts with self harm. This means I have some nasty burn scars on my arms which at times I need to keep covered. I had to buy a few more long sleeved tops but get bored of wearing the same few ones. In bed one night I was thinking about evening gloves.

I bought a pair of lace black ones and refashioned them into these.

I also found some cream lace stockings I’d not worn for years so refashioned them into these. It means I have more choice of clothes I can wear when I don’t want others to see my scarred arms.

Maybe I’ll start a fashion trend… Who knows?

How do you deal with your scars? Do people even ask you about them? I’d love to know.

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