Beauty over scars

>My illness (BPD) is very up and down. I had as few years of Therapeutic Community group therapy. After finishing this I had almost nine years of where I managed to cope with my noisy thoughts and feelings. I was mostly stable on no medication at all.

When I am unwell I manage to shut up the overwhelming, deafening thoughts with self harm. This means I have some nasty burn scars on my arms which at times I need to keep covered. I had to buy a few more long sleeved tops but get bored of wearing the same few ones. In bed one night I was thinking about evening gloves.

I bought a pair of lace black ones and refashioned them into these.

I also found some cream lace stockings I’d not worn for years so refashioned them into these. It means I have more choice of clothes I can wear when I don’t want others to see my scarred arms.

Maybe I’ll start a fashion trend… Who knows?

How do you deal with your scars? Do people even ask you about them? I’d love to know.

One thought on “Beauty over scars

  • February 9th, 2018 at 10:22 am

    I used to hide mine. I felt I was an oddity being a male self harmer. Every article I researched on self harm was from a woman’s perspective which reinforced the feelings of being an anomaly. I thought about tattooing over the scars but eventually I decided to allow them to stay and be visible. They have become a map of my recovery. Each melt down, every night spent alternating between crying and cutting, crying and cutting, is writ large on my arm in vivid detail. Each one points forward, away from despair, away from misery, towards the light. Yes I still melt down, yes I plumb the depths of my soul, but my map shows me that every previous visit I found the path out.

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