Guest blog How Psychosis Impacts my life

Thank you so much to Muddly Mum for letting me write a guest post on her blog. Today
I wanted to tell you all about how I live with hallucinations and how to help someone you
love or care about with the same problem.

How Psychosis Impacts My Life
I have been hearing voices in my head and having hallucinations for some years now. I
was recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Symptoms can change every
single day but I never have a day where these isn’t the voices in my mind or the
hallucinations making it difficult to distinguish between reality and fantasy.
Thanks to the psychosis, I can be very withdrawn and I try to avoid social interaction.
Hallucinations or delusions could make you feel anxious, scared, threatened or confused.
If you have delusions about certain people or organisations, you may find it hard to trust

How To Help Someone With Psychosis

It can be really hard to see someone you care about experiencing psychosis. But you can
help. Here’s some things that you can do to help someone with psychosis:

1. Listen and try to understand. If you don’t have psychosis yourself then you really won’t
be able to understand what the person is going through but you can listen and try to
understand a little.

2. Focus on feelings rather than experiences. It’s hard to know how to respond when
someone sees, hears or believes something that you don’t. Instead of confirming or
denying their experience it can help to say something like “I understand that you see
things that way, but it’s not like that for me”. It’s usually more helpful to focus on how
the person is feeling about what they are experiencing.

3. Offer help. You may offer to call someone like a call centre that can help or a family
member. Offer to refer them to certain services on their behalf. I know from personal
experience that asking for help yourself can be hard so it’s always nice when someone
else helps.
If you want to talk to me about psychosis or if you want to learn some more, you can
contact me on twitter or find me through my blog .

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