Parenting with mental health issues

In my family a few of us have mental health issues.

My children are empathetic like me, when one of us struggles we all do.

I had a call from my son’s counsellor in the evening. He had taken my diazapam. She had to send him to A&E to be checked out. As I spoke to him I realised that he took the diazapam as he thought it would calm him. His blood levels and ECG were ok. I was feeling really stressed myself so not able to support him. I had been asked by my Dr to visit the a&e myself and see the mental health team there. I did not, as they have simply dismissed me in the past.

I did pick him up from the hospital myself.

My middle daughter has started secondary school. She is finding the change and homework very stressful. She shows this by refusing to get out of bed or melting down and hurting her little sister.

I love my family and do all I can to support them. Sometimes we do need a bit more support but it currently does not exist.

We do all we can to function as a family day in day out. As a parent with mental health issues parenting can be REALLY challenging.

I know good mental health care does exist, but you have to pay for it.

I think the NHS is failing severely in the mental health field, both for adults and children.