My sex drive!

I find my mental state so affects my sex drive. Really strange to me.  When I’m low I don’t want sex at all (my poor husband finds that tricky)  
I’m currently on a high and verging on nymphomaniac! This is brand new to me and  a challenge at times but my husband is having a lot of fun trying to keep (it) up!

It seems to be feast or famine and definitely an interesting challenge. If you have children you will know finding alone time together is tricky, so finding as much as we need at the moment.

In trying to keep up with me, we decided to look into buying some sex toys. We checked out and I found a cool vibrator with flowers  on. Channelling my inner hippy chick. What’s not to like? I’ll let you know how we get on with it.

Want one of your own? Buy it here

Has your BPD affected your sex drive? How do you manage it?

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