In bed with Fudgecrumpet.

Feeling in need of silliness? This book by Fudgecrumpet is exactly what you need. In the tradition of the great Northern comics, Al Terry brings his contribution. The humour is very laddish, perfect for me, as I think I am a man at the moment.

I took Fudgecrumpet to bed with me the other afternoon. The book was hilarious! I laughed out loud on a few occasions. My favourite part for sheer silliness was “My inventions that I have invented” ranging from glo-bras (useful in a power cut) to a hyper- Susan (a lazy Susan but faster).

Other topics you can learn from are:
Fashion and style for men.
Fudge’s guide to women part two; Special grumpy lady time
and SO much more. (I do not want to spoil your reading pleasure with lots of spoilers.)

SO what are you waiting for?

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