Get your teen out from under your feet and off to NCS

So, your child is in year 11, you are currently in the slog of last minute revision (or possibly stress induced meltdowns) so they can reach the Holy Grail of at least a C in Maths and English (yes I know the marking has changed now to numbers instead). All this uphill work to get there BUT, what will they do afterwards? Most schools let the students leave after their exams and then you will have a teen who either does not leave his room, (like a hibernating bear) or is constantly asking for money to go out and meet with friends. Please feel free to correct me in the comments if your teen falls into another category!


So what are you going to do with your teen this Summer?

Well, for only £50 you can keep them occupied at NCS (National Citizen Service) for two to four weeks. Doesn’t that sound good?

My eldest took part in NCS back in 2016. He left his room, made new friends and learned to cook better. (These are my mum related highlights, he recalls it differently)


So what is the catch?

I’m not sure there is one actually “NCS is a government backed programme established in 2011 to help build a more cohesive, mobile and engaged society. By bringing together young people from different backgrounds for a unique shared experience, NCS helps them to become better individuals, and in turn better citizens.”  See, it is a positive experience for all and you are doing your bit in creating a cohesive community (whatever that is)


Is it for you?

NCS is open to 16 and 17 year-olds across England and Northern Ireland. The two to four week programme, which takes place in school holidays, includes outdoor team-building exercises, a residential for participants to learn ‘life skills’, a community-based social action project and an end of programme celebration event.

What if you want to spend some time as a family together?

NCS is running at different times over multiple sites so giving you a big choice of dates. It you sign up early you have most choice.


As my son said, “It was very enjoyable, and I also had an amazing time. I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up again” So what are you waiting for?

For the team building and residential parts of the course they are away from home. During the social action project they were traveling in from home each day having to negotiate public transport etc.

The teens in this cohort helped out planning a social activity for people in an old people’s home, in a drug and alcohol rehab centre and with some severely disabled adults. It really opened their eyes to people they would not normally mix with. The teens they were with were from different schools, so there they got to mix with new people which is great for their confidence. In our current climate, where people are often suspicious of other as a default, this is building the opposite into our teens.

This is a once in a lifetime experience. Your teen will have fun while building their confidence, making new friends and learning life skills that can’t be

11th September 2016
NCS Graduation @ Athena, Leicester, UK
© Tom Horton

taught in a classroom.


NCS is amazing value for money. The whole experience including food, accommodation and travel costs just £50 and bursaries are available on a case by case basis. Support is also provided for young people with additional needs.


So, what are you waiting for?

There are still places available for Year 11s to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity this summer. To sign up now, go to the NCS website. use this link:


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