Every mum’s nightmare

My son has mental health problems  

I went through Therapeutic Community 12 years ago and a common topic of conversation was children. Some had chosen not to have Children as they did not want their children to have #BPD. I already had a child by then and was hoping I’d be a good enough parent so my children would not develop mental health problems.


This weekend I was proved wrong. My son took an overdose and ran away from home. I was in shock for a few days as we spoke to his teachers, met with the Children’s mental health services and spoke to the police.


I think I’ve passed on my not really talking about feelings and difficulty in breaking down big tasks into manageable chunks. I know another common discussion in therapeutic community was how much of mental health problems are genetic and how much are to do with parenting. I wish I  had the answers now.  It is difficult to see your child making the same mistakes you did, and feel so helpless.


A quick google search brought up the following interesting articles.

Nature and nurture the role in mental illness,

Mental illness mostly caused by life events not genetics

Both genes and environment have a part to play in mental illness.


My son has quickly had help from CAMHS and school seems a lot more positive and supportive of him now which had been an ongoing issue.

The reality was it was all a big mess last week and he got forgotten in the midst of it all. We’ve also been assigned a social worker so I hope we can get a bit more support for us all now.
Do your children have mental health problems too, or had them in the past? How has this affected you, and how have you been able to deal with it? Let us know in the comments below.