Chocolate City UK tour fun

As a blogger it’s not all glam and glitz but last week it was!
I came across the Chocolate City Tour a few months back and tweeted them to ask if they wanted a blogger to review the show. They said yes!!

A few weeks later I got an e mail with three tickets attached. I had to find two friends who would be up for joining the fun. Most of my friends go to church so that was a big challenge for me. Hubby was going to be away for a few days so a girlie night out was just what I needed. I booked the babysitter and started to be quite excited.
My girlfriends and I chatted for a few days a but what we would wear. Not done that for years…… It was such fun.
I spent much of the day beautifying myself as well as mum stuff. It was half term after all.
I picked up my friend and we headed off for some fun, my other friend had had to call off as she had a migrane. We were a bit keen so arrived early and hung around in the bar next door.
I had no idea quite what to expect having only seen the website beforehand.
A friend and I went along to the Forbidden Nights tour with my friend and enjoyed it but was a bit shy. That was a massive audience. I assumed the Chocolate City Tour would be similar, but I was so wrong!
We arrived and were lucky enough to get front row seats, magic! We had a brilliant view of the night. It was much more than I expected. There was lots of audience participation in the evening as you can see from the pictures! It was a scream. I am actually a bit shy (honest) so I avoided eye contact and did not interact with the blokes. I did really enjoy what I saw. I was not expecting full nudity, but may have squealed with shock/ excitement when it happened.

a very nice bottom

A few of the ladies there had met the guys before at hen do’s etc. They had gorgeous bodies and obviously loved to show them off.
We had a brilliant evening and the smaller group meant we got the opportunity to get up close and personal which was great. I had a great night and would definitely recommend to and girls out there wanting a night of naughty fun.

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  • November 6th, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    omg can you post videos of the show? tnx

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