Cheryl from Bubbas Meltys

On my blog I love to celebrate people who despite their everyday struggles are determined to do something to make a difference. This week we celebrate Cheryl from Bubbas Meltys

My name is Cheryl aka bubba. I have been making my own wax melts for years simply because I find them soothing to make and no one was making what I liked. I had lots of friends tell me to start selling them which I kept dismissing. I was diagnosed with ME about 6 years ago but suffering a lot longer. I also have disabled knees which will continue to deteriorate as I age. I use a wheelchair for any kinda distance now. Over the years I have spent months on the sofa or in bed too I’ll or sore or anxious to do anything. I felt very alone and misunderstood even with caring family and friends. I began to realise that other folks prob feel the same. The loneliness is horrible. Folks can try to understand but often don’t unless they suffer themselves. I also felt that a lack of information often created a lack of undersranding from others. That’s when I had my idea to not just be another wax melt and candle seller but to use each one to help raise awareness of chronic illness mental illness and disability as well as help to connect people and show them that they are not alone. It almost validates how they are feeling. Of course I would put my creative alternative twist on them too. I love alternative gothic styles. I’m obsessed with skulls too. I always felt like skulls were beautiful. We all have one and are all the same underneath it all. So I started creating.

My first collection was called DEPRESSION collection in which I worked alongside a depression sufferer in the making of it. I wanted to capture and reflect the illness but also create a collection of wax melts that would appeal to everyone. It was a success and the rest just poured out. I also make candle versions of the wax melts. Each time I post a collection or a customer posts photos or videos online they are helping to spread awareness. Buying them as a gift for someone suffering is also a fantastic way to show support and understanding. They are also unique and pretty and attractive to folks who do not suffer they simply just love fun wax melts with depth and meaning. I have a website where you can buy them.

I’m on all social media’s where you can keep up to date with news and competitions. Plus I have a melty army group on Fb where folks can join to chat and get to know each other. Where they can share problems and suggest tips to help with their illnesses. They can vent or simply post pics of their meltys. I’m very lucky as my customers all understand that I suffer too and they are

so happy to wait on their orders of I’m ill. My son and partner help out too when I’m too fatigued. All my ingredients are cruelty free and some are vegan friendly.

I hope to keep growing the business to show others that no matter what is against you that you are strong and can still achieve your dreams. Each melty sold is another person reached to show them they are not alone. At the end of each business year I will donate a small percentage of profits to a charity. I also donate monthly to charities my meltys for raffles etc. I hope to reach as many folks as possible and show them that other people understand. They are not alone. To help give strength too when you feel like everyone is against you. I also do fun seasonal meltys because we spoonies are also fun and enjoy Xmas and Halloween wax melts and candles.

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