New research lifts the lid on young Brits sexual curiosity.

Young British women are almost twice (29% vs 15%) as likely to have had sexual experiences with both men and women than their male counterparts, according to new research.

The research by ONE condoms among 2,000 18-24 year olds sought to understand how sexually experiential young people are in an era where people are increasingly open about their own sexual experiences and sexuality is increasingly being challenged away from traditional stereotypes.

The findings show more women have encouraged their partners into more sexually adventurous activity (21% vs 16%). The results also suggest more than half of young people today would try any one of the following… sadism (66%), masochism (68%), anal sex (72%), public sex (68%), oral sex (93%) and making a sex video (70%), with numbers equally strong among men and women. A huge 82% of people would take naked pictures and share them and 67% say they would do anything involving more than one person at a time.

ONE condoms ambassador, registered couples counsellor and Big Brother’s Bit on the Side resident sexpert, Annabelle Knight said; “Young British women are becoming more assertive and successful in all aspects of life, no more so than in the bedroom where they are quite happy to take charge of their own successful sex lives.

Interestingly ONE’s research shows people in couples are more likely to describe themselves as sexually adventurous than singles (59% vs 47%). Through my work I often see couples where the sex has become predictable and repetitive. We need to speak out about what we want and enjoy to keep sex fresh and interesting.

If you’re exploring your sexuality and expressing yourself sexually, it’s critical that you’re doing it because you want to, not feeling peer pressured into anything. Not only do you need to protect yourself from STIs but you need to protect yourself emotionally. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you are as sexually curious as your partner. If it’s a no from one of you, it has to be a no from both of you!”

Louise Ball from ONE condoms, said; “Being sexually experiential is a key part of young people’s sex lives, working out what they like and don’t like and being open to trying new things. Sexuality is rapidly developing, changing and shifting. People are actively defining their own sexuality rather than having it defined for them by accepted ‘norms’.

“It’s being fuelled by a whole host of things including reality TV shows and dating apps with their ever-turning carousel of options which people can keep spinning until finding someone who’ll give them sexual satisfaction.

“Whatever you’re into and whoever you’re into it with, it has to be consensual and condoms are a must-have for keeping you protected from the risk of an unwanted pregnancy and picking up STIs.”

Findings from the ONE Condoms research include:


– Women are more likely to say that they’d ‘try most things once’ – 31% vs 28% of guys.

– Women are more likely to say there are things they’d like to do, but haven’t tried (57% vs 43% guys).

– People in couples are more likely to describe themselves as sexually adventurous than singles (59% vs 47%).

– One in five (20%) have encouraged their partner to be more sexually adventurous.

– Almost one in five (17.5%) think ‘anything goes’ and almost half think they’d push their limits with a trusted partner.

– If you want to find someone who agrees with the statement ‘anything goes’, you’re most likely to find them in Carlisle (36%) and Edinburgh (36%) and least likely to find them in Belfast (8%) and Durham (7%).

– 40% people describe themselves as “very” sexually curious.

– 44% of those in a couple say they are very sexually curious vs just 34% singles.


– More than one-fifth (22%) say they’ve had sexual experiences with both men and women.

– Women are far more likely than men to have had sex with both men and women (29% vs 15% of guys).

– Of those who have had a sexual experience with men and women, men are more likely to have had that experience as part of a threesome (17% vs 11%) whereas women are more likely to say it’s because their sexuality is fluid (58% vs 44 of guys).


– More people (27%) prefer submissive roles compared to dominant roles (enjoyed more by 19%), but 40% like both equally. other option?

– People in couples are more likely to prefer a submissive sexual role (41%) with just 10% preferring a dominant role; this is reversed among singles among whom 29% would prefer a dominant role and just 12% would opt for a more submissive role. – how many of the people surveyed were in a couple?


– In just 16% of relationships does she have more orgasms.

– Women do not think orgasms are shared equally as much as guys do… just 13% of women say they aim for equality but he has more, whereas 38% say they aim for equality, but she has more.


– Singles are almost three times as likely to enjoy porn daily than those in couples (20.4% vs 7.3%)

– Almost 40% enjoy porn at least weekly.

– More than a fifth (22%) enjoy porn daily.

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This article was written by One Condoms but put on the blog as I find it very interesting. We were sent a few of their products for review.

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