Are you psychic?

t’s on my mind so I’ll put it out there….
I think many of us have psychic abilities but think it too weird to tell others about. I hope my honesty helps others to feel they can open up about this too.

At twelve I realised I had déjà vu… Dreams I had in the past had still pictures of events that happened in real life later. The first time I realised, I was staying at my Grandparents’. I walked into the living room and there was live footage of the Herald of Free Enterprise sinking in Zeebrugge. I had seen this picture before. It freaked me to say the least but I said nothing to anyone. Who would have a clue what this was about?
It happened again shortly after my Grandad died. I had a conversation with my mum about baking for the funeral and felt like I was actually acting out a scene, as I’d seen and heard this before… I had others, but, my most recent incidence was in February when my son ran away from home. As I was making phone calls, informing people and chatting to FB group admins just in case, I glanced up the stairs, as usual with a few objects to take up and I had seen that exact scene before. I realised my déjà vu foresees highly emotional events which happen in my life. (Yes, my son he did come home safely a few hours later.)

I believe in Angels, and had a time a few years back I had about a week where I was seeing Angels everywhere. It was a bit disconcerting at the time. I noticed a big Angel sat next to me on the passenger seat of my car. I saw a massive one sat astride the top of the church. He was the Angel belonging to that church. My abiding memory was seeing two Angels next to me (slightly behind each shoulder). They were at least seven feet tall, clothed in white and had massive swords. Their presence was a comfort to me. I felt safe. I have been able to bring the picture to mind to calm me at times.

Many times I have known things about people without being told. I spoke to a mum about her three children. She said “I had not realised I had told you I was pregnant”. I do find this difficult at times…

I have dreams which speak to me, and tell of things to come as well. I had a vivid dream about a family who are very dear to me. In the dream they were being pursued by a scary man who wanted to do them some damage. I feared for their safely. I sheltered them in my home and when the man came to the door I offered myself instead of them.
The following day I was at a prayer meeting and the family was mentioned as having difficulties. I was able to pray for their protection and safety, as I already knew much of what was going on.
When I spoke to the friend later and she told me of the events, and they were very similar to what I had dreamt.

The morning before my daughter was badly scalded, I had a fitful night’s sleep dreaming about taking care of a baby crocodile for a man. In my dream I brought the crocodile in my bed and cradled it in my arm to take care of it. Even in my dream, I was disturbed at how comfortable I was with a baby crocodile.. In dreams crocodiles usually foretell bad circumstances. I found out this a few days later when I was still in hospital with my daughter.

I could go on but I’ll save it for another blog post.

One thought on “Are you psychic?

  • August 22nd, 2017 at 12:44 am

    I have often thought about this. I went through a phase where I would think I definitely had them. Being a non-believer of sorts and working as an engineer with scientists, I have had trouble accepting it.
    My theory? What we call being psychic or gut feeling is our subconscious which works at super genius brain levels compared to our conscious brain. Result? You just about know things without needing to know them. Just a theory, of course 🙂

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