A spiritual journey

I made this labyrinth with a friend.

Labyrinths are ancient form of meditation, a sense of making a spiritual journey. They were often found as designs on floors of monasteries. As one journeys inwards you are approaching the divine, for me, Father God. This is a palm labyrinth so your finger of none dominant hand makes the journey. I find the tactile nature of it calms me.

As I journeyed on the labyrinth I used another  ancient form of prayer called Lecto Divina, a method of meditating on  a single word and letting it speak to you.
As I meditated on the word hope it became bright yellow, almost luminous and I felt joy rise up on the inside of me.

As I felt joy I continued with the word Joy. I felt it wash over me in waves and a lightness in my Spirit.

As I neared the centre of the labyrinth I meditated on acceptance. I am fully accepted just as I am. Father God sees me and knows me. He formed me in my mother’s womb. He knows my every thought and every fault, yet he accepts me. In him I am safe.

As I started to leave the labyrinth I continued to meditate on safety. As a slowly ventured out, tracing the path with my finger I took this sense of safely with me and on into my day.

Do you use meditation to help you? What works for you?